Monthly Archives: November 2015

Bookish Magic – and that Means Comfort in The Shire

Primarily, Twice Sold Tales focuses on Maine-based bookshops. But there will be times when I will share reviews of stores I go to within other locations in New England as well. As my work schedule has been a bit hectic these past couple weeks, I haven’t gotten the chance to get out to explore any […]

Rare, Unexpected Treasures at the Fairfield Antiques Mall

It seems to come out of nowhere: you are driving down a quiet country road, passing fields, barns, and ramshackle buildings. On a November day like this, with the gray-laced clouds gathering above and the wind blowing dead leaves across the barren landscape, you’re probably not expecting to find anything that will offer any kind […]

“Round the Corner There May Wait” – Open Door Books in Bath

After a trip to the Now You’re Cooking kitchen store in Bath on a recent autumnal Saturday afternoon, my love asked if I’d like to walk down to a bookstore he had remembered seeing in his own travels. I didn’t take much persuading. Though I live in Brunswick, I haven’t spent much time in the […]