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Books and weekend adventures in Rockland

For our latest bookish adventure, we took the advice of one of Twice Sold Tales’ readers and went up to Rockland. This reader had gotten in touch with me after I posted my piece about the train leaving us there one autumn day. He suggested a few bookshops, stores, and restaurants where we should go […]

Rare, Unexpected Treasures at the Fairfield Antiques Mall

It seems to come out of nowhere: you are driving down a quiet country road, passing fields, barns, and ramshackle buildings. On a November day like this, with the gray-laced clouds gathering above and the wind blowing dead leaves across the barren landscape, you’re probably not expecting to find anything that will offer any kind […]

“Round the Corner There May Wait” – Open Door Books in Bath

After a trip to the Now You’re Cooking kitchen store in Bath on a recent autumnal Saturday afternoon, my love asked if I’d like to walk down to a bookstore he had remembered seeing in his own travels. I didn’t take much persuading. Though I live in Brunswick, I haven’t spent much time in the […]